Monday, 2 January 2012

Temporary Lip Tattoos

Checker01                          Leopard01
Sold out                             Sold out

                                       Leopard02                        Checker02
                                         Sold out                            Sold out

   Zebra                               Leopard03
Sold out                             Sold out

Leopard04                       Union jack
Sold out                              Sold out

American flag                           Stars
Sold out                          Sold out
Cheetah01                           Fishnet
Sold out                               Sold out

   Giraffe                             Cheetah02
Sold out                              Sold out

    Rainbow                         Cheetah03                  
Sold out                                 Sold out

 Tiger01                             Roses
Sold out                             Sold out

Safe and non-toxic
Comes with instructions
Each package include one application

How to apply?
Well, you can just watch the demonstration shown by the Violent Lips below and follows a few simple steps from them:

Bold your lips for RM6 each
(using normal post RM1)

P/S: Dear customers, the temporary lip tattoos is no more restockable. From now on, we will only take a bulk orders minimum 40pcs. Hereby, special price RM5 will given for each pieces.

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  1. There are millions of men and women around the world that think about getting lip tattoos on their lips.